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ZWZ shaft high-end bearing equipment industry orders rapid growth

“This is a new specification bearing that we are working with a certain customer in Xi’an. It is expected to increase sales revenue by nearly 20 million yuan, and the follow-up market will be even bigger.” Attendance at the ZWZ high-end industrial equipment customer return day, Li Guowen, general manager of precision transmission bearing company With a thick stack of orders, his face could not conceal his joy.

Since the beginning of this year, standing on a new starting point for development, the Wazhou Group has actively sought a market entry point. In just over a month, the 13 regional customers covering Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Zhengzhou and other regional center cities have all started. The “Technology + Business” team of the Wazhou Industrial Equipment Bearing Division made a concerted effort to interpret the theme of “Bring Your Hands Together and Core Competence” to more than 1,500 new and old customers from the steel, cement, heavy machinery, and precision manufacturing industries. Wagshaft industrial equipment high-end bearing core competitiveness, interpretation of global technology research and development system and technical service capabilities, marked steel bearings, heavy machinery bearings, precision bearing design improvements and case highlights, pointing out that the quality of the ability to enhance the program. Peer-to-peer interaction, end-to-end interaction, 16 high-end series of products competing to show, adding the confidence of customers and the axis of deepening strategic cooperation.

"On the fifth day of the lunar month, all employees of our company go to work, and many bearings of major specifications must be delivered to customers within the specified time. We have participated in six of these customer day activities, and the biggest benefit is the face-to-face contact with customers. Not only that, our The team also went directly to the customer to use the site to guide and answer questions about installation and use. The customer was very satisfied.” Li Guowen said, “During the customer’s day, we established a friendly workshop with a hot rolling mill of Shougang Group, and the cooperation is getting deeper and deeper. Wang Jinsong, deputy chief engineer of the group company, and Bi Dapeng, deputy general manager of our company, are still there before the Spring Festival and have recently begun in-depth exchanges to finalize the development of new specifications and technical points."

Wazhou Industrial Equipment Bearing Division belongs to each manufacturing base, not only precision transmission bearing company orders increase, extra large bearing branch, second finished product branch, precision bearing factory, precision spherical roller bearing company and other units, but also due to customer day activities The "tipping up" orders have completely changed the product structure and output during the same period, and the demand for high-end products has also multiplied. After the Spring Festival, these units entered the "fast forward" mode, accelerating the market's urgent need for production of orders.

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